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Sharia controlled zones in Britain are not welcome

13 August 2011

Recently, the Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades began what it called a campaign for “Islamic emirates” throughout Britain by putting up posters declaring areas of east London as “sharia controlled zones”. The posters stated that alcohol, gambling, and music were banned and the group said it was willing to patrol east London enforcing sharia. One Law for All maintains that Muslims Against Crusades is a far-Right group that intends to stir up mistrust and division and impose its medieval rules on the public. Sharia law is the demand of Islamists like Muslims Against Crusades to limit rights and freedoms and must not be tolerated. To oppose Sharia law is a defence of the rights of all citizens, including Muslims.

Clearly, Muslim Against Crusades is the mirror image of other far-Right groups and campaigns. They do not tolerate difference or dissent, are misogynist and wish to deny rights to women, and are homophobic – often murderously so.

Whilst Muslims Against Crusades argue that they will solve social problems in these zones, in reality, they are offering a discriminatory, brutal and oppressive system with barbaric punishments and interference in people’s private lives which will exacerbate problems. Rather, people need education, equality and citizenship rights amongst others.

Muslims against Crusades say women need their “protection”. On the contrary, we need protection from misogynist and religious laws and this protection will be supplied by a just, equal, and secular legal and political system not Sharia. The rape of women in countries governed by sharia often ends in the punishment of the raped woman, and rape and sexual abuse is widespread.

Sharia is not the answer. We must – and will – maintain our campaign for secularism, human rights, justice and equality until there is no Sharia and religious laws here in Britain or anywhere.


  • Michiel Hegener
    Posted 14th August 2011 7:59 pm 0Likes

    I fully agree, but I am surprised no mention is made of the right to change one’s religion/philosophy of life, which sharia does not allow. See
    for how that plays out in the daily life of ex-muslims around the globe…
    This right is a key human right, see article 18 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration and article 9 of the European Human Rights Treaty. In most Western countries children as well have the right to change their religion, see article 14 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child + the interpretation most Western countries have given to article 14.
    All of this being violated in a most horrendous way by islamic societies, in the West and elsewhere.

    Sharia applies to muslims, a muslim being an adherent of the religion known as islam. If each muslim were free to change their religion/philosophy of life, the solution to the sharia problem would be simple: any man, woman or child can just step out of islam, declare so openly and they are free of sharia.
    The prohibition of apostasy is the key to understanding and to solving all problems the West is having with islam.

  • Adam Cornford
    Posted 15th August 2011 1:19 am 0Likes

    The relationship between Islamist groups like Muslims Against Crusades and xenophobic/racist groups like the EDL and the BNP is one of “antagonistic cooperation.” They need each other, and the aggression of each reciprocally justifies the aggression of the other. I would add that what MAC is doing is a flagrant violation of British law. Any attempt to impose a “law” other than actual Crown law should be met with arrest and prosecution, just as should any hate crime against Muslims.

    • Diana Summers
      Posted 17th August 2011 1:27 am 0Likes

      Adam, it’s rather more serious than you say. An claim that certain areas of Britain are no longer under Crown law is in fact a claim that these areas are no longer British. Such zones have been CONQUERED and are now occupied territory.

      Fortunately, it is not true (yet). Despite the wishes and attempts of the sharia lobby, the official police were able to remove the sharia posters. This proves that the invasion has not yet succeeded.

      However, this occupation attempt ought to sound a warning to all of us. This foreign legal system has openly threatened an invasion as dangerous as ever the Nazis or the Normans brought. Because these would-be conquerors are British Citizens, their crime is actually treason.

  • Cameron Riddle
    Posted 15th August 2011 4:21 am 0Likes

    “Sharia is not the answer. We must – and will – maintain our campaign for secularism, human rights, justice and equality until there is no Sharia and religious laws here in Britain or anywhere.”

    Right on!

  • rita nalette
    Posted 15th August 2011 4:44 am 0Likes

    Muslims Against Crusades – yet another group of religious bigots enjoying the soft air of a free country to grow their particular brand of nastiness. Pack up your little wees boys and go where you’re wanted…

  • Ray Martin
    Posted 15th August 2011 7:53 am 0Likes

    I don’t know if I can even describe my abhorrence of this. This is the land of my birth and for this disgusting excuse for a religion to take hold there just fills me with horror. Britons need to take back their country before it’s too late – and I’m not talking about racial oppression, either. This vileness has nothing to do with race but with the systematic victimisation of everyone who doesn’t subscribe to the rantings of this insane and evil regime of misogyny, hatred and death.

    • Guest
      Posted 1st December 2011 1:56 pm 0Likes

      “This vileness has nothing to do with race but with the systematic victimisation of everyone who doesn’t subscribe to the rantings of this insane and evil regime of misogyny, hatred and death.”

      Right on. Those three last things are, regrettably, the fundamental nature of the Islamic religion as I have come to understand it.

  • Jeff
    Posted 15th August 2011 1:15 pm 0Likes

    I get accused of being a far-right ‘racist’ all the time just for criticising islam, and I’m downright sick of it. This simple-minded, unimaginative accusation comes from the politically-correct weenies on the far left, the self-loathing sort still wallowing in colonialist guilt which they think entitles them to be the morality police for the rest of us. They would sacrifice the Enlightenment itself for the sake of their idiotic, post-modernist dogma – and they would be persecuted along with the rest of us under an islamic regime.

    A country has the right to preserve its culture, and it’s just too bad that some of us who are otherwise left of center happen to agree with racist xenophobes that something has to be done about islam in Europe. The longer a country waits the worse it will get. I applaud France for first banning religious symbols in public schools and now the wearing of burqas in public. I admire Pat Condell and Geert Wilders for their uncompromising stance against islamic bullying, whether or not they have other views which I might find distasteful.

    • Guest
      Posted 1st December 2011 2:58 pm 0Likes

      “They would sacrifice the Enlightenment itself for the sake of their idiotic, post-modernist dogma – and they would be persecuted along with the rest of us under an islamic regime.”

      Lol, yeah, that’s the cruel irony of their mentality right there! They genuinely don’t seem to realise how cruel and intolerant the Islamic Sharia can be, especially when applied in its most fundamental interpretation.

  • Hal Igarashi
    Posted 15th August 2011 3:23 pm 0Likes

    We should not re-organise the village to comply with the demands of the village idiots. The UK is not perfect, however we have come a long way on human rights and it is monstrous that the UK lawmakers permit right wing religious groups of any persuasion to persistently violate our dearest and hard won principles of freedom (incidentally that means freedom from persecution, not freedom to inflict antihuman values on others). The KKK, an ultra right wing christian group has not be allowed in the UK on the basis of their vile white supremacist and racist views. An extreme muslim group should not be allowed to peddle their mysogynistic, antisemitic, and anti-human views either.

  • Cameron Riddle
    Posted 15th August 2011 3:34 pm 0Likes

    “I get accused of being a far-right ‘racist’ all the time just for criticising islam, and I’m downright sick of it. This simple-minded, unimaginative accusation comes from the politically-correct weenies on the far left, the self-loathing sort still wallowing in colonialist guilt which they think entitles them to be the morality police for the rest of us. They would sacrifice the Enlightenment itself for the sake of their idiotic, post-modernist dogma – and they would be persecuted along with the rest of us under an islamic regime.”

    I have a friend who, unfortunately, has become a kind of born-again neo-leftist. In 2009 I told him I was attending a demonstration against Sharia law in the UK (it was the One Law for All static demo in Hyde Park in November that year). He assumed I was in the EDL and became indignant that I was protesting against Sharia law in the UK at all. He seemed totally unaware of One Law for All and Maryam Namazie and made little effort to find out about them beyond a brief Google. One night in a drunken rant in the pub he insisted that Sharia law in the UK was “not a problem” (he’s a white male and he was sitting there drinking beer and he’d had sex the night before with a pretty girl he wasn’t married to). He said that it was “hypocrisy” for us to protest against Sharia law when we had a military presence in a Muslim country, that “ninety-nine per cent” of the EDL must be racist, that Muslims now were like Jews in the 1930s, etc.

    Similarly, years ago at university we were studying a film about French Cameroon. I’ll never forget the indignation of my tutor at the French colonials’ “lack of respect” in growing grapes for wine in a “Muslim country”. Since then I’ve always observed that it is not considered a “lack of respect” when Muslims build mosques and minarets in non-Muslim countries, or even when they borrow a Catholic school classroom and take down the crucifixes. Don’t get me wrong: I’m basically ok with them having mosques and minarets; I merely despise the double standard. I dislike all religion and am very much against the idea that a whole country can belong to a religion.

    • markjuliansmith
      Posted 23rd August 2011 5:23 am 0Likes

      Why is it Humanity continues marking the persons pointing out racism and subjugation of women are occurring as racist is because:

      “Decision theorists and cognitive scientists have recorded instances where individuals refuse to change their mental models even in the face of irrefutable evidence, because of the institutional support that their unsatisfactory mental models get from peers and society at large.”
      “Sustainability Networks, Cognitive tools for expert collaboration in social-ecological systems” Janne Hukkinen, 2008, Routledge New York.

      “He who reads History, not to learn what it has to teach but simply to find in it what he already believes will learn very little. He will find only what he wishes to find.”

      “..while recognizing the possibility of prejudice behind our own views, let us be chary of dismissing other people’s views merely on the ground that they are prejudiced; there may be rational grounds on which they may be accepted. When we ourselves feel perfectly convinced we are adopting a reasonable attitude and our efforts to reach agreement with those who differ from us are unavailing, it is tempting to attribute to prejudice their apparently unaccommodating attitude.”
      “Clear thinking , An Elementary Course on Preparation For Citizenship”, R. W. Jepson MA first published 1936

      In some ways given the recent events in England and the Islam issue Jepsons “Clear Thinking” book should be in major part back in the schools as a must pass before being allowed on to the streets as a supposed adult.

      Would if completed positivly possibly contribute to combat the moral decline the English Prime Minister has highlighted certainly would do no harm.

      You are correct in observing Islamophobia is a rational justified response to the reality of a violent seventh century misogynistic tribal Islamic doctrines outcomes. There is very good reason to be fearful and demand Legislative protection and Societal restriction.

      It is very upsetting when the mounting human debries of broken bodies and dreams are blamed on anything other than their true source a religion of certainty Foundation text at its usual work this time Islam.

      You are OK it is simply amazing how so called left wing enlightened beings participate in either directly or indirectly contributing to violence and subjugation of Other in the name of the perpetrators ‘Freedom’.

  • Rusty
    Posted 15th August 2011 8:38 pm 0Likes

    You refer to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Muslim countries have not signed up for it, and most Muslims have not signed up for it in their minds. Islam does not accept that all human beings are equal. The Kuffar is not equal to the Muslim, and the homosexual not equal to the heterosexual, or the woman to man, the slave to the non-slave.

  • Jill
    Posted 16th August 2011 3:24 am 0Likes

    Stop islamic immigration…..declare publically that islam is not a religion….take away the religious status of islam…..they will lose everything…..close mosques….close islamic schools and make it law that their kids attend public schools and the kids of their kids also attend…the way it is here in Canada within the province of Quebec…that way our own culture will prevail!

  • Kate
    Posted 16th August 2011 10:54 pm 0Likes

    As a mother, grandmother, academic (who has studied Islamic history and the Koran) I am vehemently opposed to any imposition of Islamic (Sharia) law in Europe. Perhaps, after the riots across England, moral, cultural, religious and political relativism will be on the wane. But still I wonder? Europe evolved (one had hoped) out of medieval religiosity via the Enlightenment. Yet, successive governments across Europe ignored the lessons of Islamic history and the fact that everywhere Muslims settle (world wide) there is conflict with the indigenous people of that area. They have permitted unfettered immigration of people in thrawl to a political/religious/supremist ideology which has as its ultimate aim the subjugation of all free peoples.

    The police in London did not make a good showing in protecting the lives and property of law-abiding citizens over three night horrendous rioting. Unless they can find more courage in facing the thugs who are imposing Sharia areas on East London, there will be a united front of Far Right groups marching on those areas. The resulting mayhem will be termed racist when, of course, it is not racist at all. Rather it will be outrage and reaction. Reaction to an alien religious and cultural group who chose to come to Britain, accept (as a right) all the benefits of a western democracy, colonise large swathes of that democracy but refuse to recognise the traditions, laws and civil rights of the indigenous majority. No Jews, Chinese, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists et al have invaded, colonised, demanded special privilege for their religious beliefs, rioted, intimidated and threatened the indigenous population. The blots on the Islamic page are too thick to be erased by a few Muslim defectors. These groups that threaten British national identity must be arrested, prosecuted and, best scenario, returned to the countries from which they or their parents or grandparents came. There really is no other solution.

  • Sam Satyanadhan
    Posted 18th August 2011 11:43 pm 0Likes

    We in the United Kingdom over the last 6 or 7 decades have experienced influxes of peoples of other religions – Jewish, Hindu, Buddist, Sikh, Rastafarian and Muslims. Of these, with the exception of the Muslims, many have integrated with the indigenous population on the whole.

    In general, they have all, with the exception of the Muslims, kept their religious views and customs within their community (and within their religious places of worship).

    They may have kept to themselves in ‘ghettoes’, but they (once again with the exception of the Muslims) have not expected the indigenous population to change their laws and their way of life for the benefit (and quite often to the detriment of the indigenous) of the immigrant!

    We are British! If you come here to live with us, then have the courtesy of living by our laws and by our customs. When in Rome…..! Learn our language!

    If you take on our Nationality, then you have an obligation to respect and uphold our traditions! Rights of a Citizen are indivisible from the Responibilities of a Citizen.

    If you do not like our way of life, it is not up to you to change it!

    If you do not like Our Country then don’t come here!

    • ClaudeArmstrong
      Posted 22nd August 2011 1:24 pm 0Likes

      In the U.S., the election campaign by the puppet we are supposed to call our president stated over and over that he would require all documents he was given to sign into law would be aired on the Internet a full week before he signed them. The very first ones he signed were rammed through Congress, without even the full documents’ contents available to those who were demanded upon to pass them, intact, who just happen to be our elected representatives.

      One such deception mr. pres had forced through is his puppeteers’ so-called “Health Reform.” When finally, the Whole document has been made available, well after mr. pres rammed it through Congress, it bears his signature mandating that the Islam observance of Jihad occupation of our sacred nation is a fore-gone conclusion, by integrating this single word into this nation-destroying “Health Reform” law:


      A better understanding of how this sitting, puppet president’s intention to overthrow the government of thte United States is here . . .

      We’ve come to this in our human endeavor to overcome barbarian rule! With the America public so dis-empowered by the very same puppeteers who own our sitting puppet president, who also own and control nearly all news media the world over, such as Rupert Murdoch and company, that it cannot see through the lies and deceptions of a man who is a far, FAR Left socialist on the surface, but a blood-stained Islam rebel against all things fair and just on his entire life’s records, then what hope for humanity remains?

      May we be shocked into observing the proclamations contained on the “Georgia Guide Stones, placed not long ago on a little hill in Georgia, a state in the United States. It’s first “Law” is elimination of 99% of human population.

      As with all pagan, barbaric religious orders, blood sacrifice requiring human being bloodshed, is the highest form of their historic religious practices. No matter how hard a modern pagan religious person tries to redefine the still-required human blood sacrifice, it remains that this practice MUST be the central object of their sordid religion.

      The “Georgia Guide Stones” follow this occult secretism to a “Tee,” with alignment of an observer guide port that aligns on the North Star, a central pagan artifact of worship, and guidance. The same observer guide is found in the Great Pyramid, and at Stonehenge.

      We who believe Mankind is above the disrespect and barbaric rule by Occult, pagan religious orders, had better pay attention to those who control our monetary systems, for all such are backers of of our so-called free-governments, and those same bankers now are funding both sides of the “War on Terrorism.”

      Thank people like Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, and other brave men who rise over the daily threat of violence against their life to share such truth about those whose only purpose in Life is to end ours.

      Nuff said.

      • ClaudeArmstrong
        Posted 22nd August 2011 1:32 pm 0Likes

        One LARGE addition to the above!

        We also must thank each of those who dare risk their lives to bring us One Law For All! What Maryam Namazie and Anne Marie Waters are doing, at risk for their lives at the hand(s) of Islam warmongers and jihadists with real guns and brutal suicide bombs concealed in their clothing, with real intent to destroy every naysayer, is a gift of phenomenal proportion to the civilized world! The pagan order of Islam will not just go away, and play dead. It will, by the power invested in it by those who dare not raise their voice and weapons against it, do as it always has done, raise murder and mayhem til it completely destroys civilized human relationships. Period.

        Don’t believe so?

        Then, by all means, GO READ HISTORY!!

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