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Fariborz Pooya interviews Maryam Namazie and Bahram Soroush on One Law for All Campaign against Sharia law in Britian, February 27, 2009

Part one: Background on the One Law for All Campaign

Part two: On the nature of Sharia courts and tribunals

Part three: On whether it is Islamophobic and unfair to oppose Sharia


  • Faiez Evans
    Posted 6th November 2009 4:17 pm 0Likes

    In the Name of ALLAH the most merciful the most gracious

    Dear Maryam Namazie

    I am not certain hwo to approach this topic or that it deserves a comment as it smacks of huge ignorance of the Islam. A very widespread problem especially amongst muslims.

    First and fore mostly there is no compulsion in DEEN (the way of life Islam, the word religion is deceptive), and secondly the Qur’an and the laws of ALLAH are and I quote a translation from page one sura baqara ‘this Qur’an is a guide for those who have taqwa” (those who earnestly believe in ALLAH)”

    The entire structure of the way of life of a Muslim is to to forbid the transgressing of human rights and the recommendations are to bring honor and the highest degree of dignity to every human being. In fact it says that if you are cruel to and animal you will be pay the price for it and there is the story of the prostitute who showed kindness to a dog and all her sins were forgiven and she gained a blissfull life. the reward for treating your wife, children , mother, father and siblings with the correct respect and dignity you are aspiring to the highest code of conduct.

    The laws (fard or compulsory acts) never involves the violation of someone else’s rights let own their dignity. At the time it was applied correctly the whole world advanced to unprecedented levels in all fields (history bears witness to the the fact that we are able to enjoy what we have due to Islamic conquests). Please read books or watch the documentaries of the Islamic dynasties and you will realise the immense contribution made by muslims to your modern comforts when the Laws of ALLAH are followed.

    ALLAHS laws are an advice for the best of conduct and is an individual choice to follow, not a compulsion issue and definitely not a reason to be abuse anyone.

    The stories you are citing have nothing to do with Shari’ah law or court is has to do with the understanding and application of the Shari’ah in the context of obedience to ALLAH.

    90% of the time the problem is human emotional and egotistical problem not unlike the one you are experiencing and with the result is you violate your own rights as a human being as you do not understand the duty you have towards yourself.

    the belief in nothing is very dangerous, you may be an ethical and moral person but the vast majority of atheist end up murdering other people. Atheism is the lowest condition a human-being can find oneself in.

    the propagation of man-made laws has led to the destruction of entire civilizations, I am humbly requesting to you to please educate yourself on these topics, if you need help feel free to e-mail me, I am no need of fame or long speeches or to make myself known to anyone, I merely encourage people to find the truth on their own terms and to ascribe to the highest ethics and purest way of life they are able to a achieve.

    Kind Regards

    • G Pearce
      Posted 15th January 2010 9:57 pm 0Likes

      Having quickly scanned Faiez’s comments (I have little patience with stupidity, ignorance and irrational thought) I couldn’t help but laugh at the comment that “the vast majority of atheist(thus) end up murdering other people”. Is it not the Muslims who seem to have a penchant for blowing themselves up and killing others?! The Muslims who are so easily offended, and when they are, which is very often as most things seem to offend these people they go on a violent rampage?!

      A proud Atheist

  • To Faiez
    Posted 9th November 2009 8:58 pm 0Likes

    Dear Sir,

    Unlike many Islamic countries we do not ban other religions or deliver the death penalty to apostates, we allow women to vote, drive cars, divorce bad husbands and we do not condone religious violence and murder.

    Your religion is going through the phase that christianity had a couple of hundered years ago before people saw the light, be good to meet up again in 200 years when you are more enlightened and believe all people of any race, creed, orinetation or belief are equal.


    The loving God

    • Ashfaq
      Posted 24th November 2009 9:42 pm 0Likes

      Dear Faiez,

      If you are not among foot soldier (apologist) of Islam, Please read Quran, Sunna and Hadith again which provide base for Sharia.

      Propaganda cannot work when such historical documents are available so are your apologist comment.

      We are not living in middle age and are familiar what is DID (Dis-associative Identity Disorder). Science provide us tool to dig the grave of history and find out the truth.

      History has proved that solution to a problem cannot be achieved by hiding the facts , on the contrary by facing the reality.

      • Faiez Evans
        Posted 23rd August 2010 10:33 am 0Likes

        Dear Ashfaq,
        Could you be a little more specific, I seem to be missing the point you trying to make. The comment is too vague and generalised.

        Thank you.

  • Maryam
    Posted 13th January 2010 12:59 am 0Likes

    I feel sorry for the ignorance displayed by people like Maryam Namazie. They should read more about any religion before talking about that religion.

    • AK47
      Posted 23rd June 2010 4:53 pm 0Likes

      Maryam Namazie is far from ignorant, quite the opposite in fact. You however are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Alan
    Posted 9th February 2010 5:38 am 0Likes

    The tone of Faiez’s message is a common one. It strives to appear rational and compassionate, to let us take it seriously. A well judged and well expressed view, however, does not hold up for long, before we are able to see the true madness. It is almost like the glint in the eye of the movie killer, you know the truth is now coming out. You see it in Islam, Scientology, Judaism, Christianity. Their mania simply cannot stay hidden for more than a few paragraphs. It is an almost triumphant abandoning of reason on the part of the zealot that then gives us the true picture.

  • Angela
    Posted 3rd March 2010 9:07 am 0Likes

    For me Islam is the most dangerous of religious ideas around today. Such a 14th Century diabolically anti-women, fanatical, crackpot religion we do not need. I am a happy atheist and would like to see all religions consigned to the pages of our childish and ignorant history. Please let us consign all these vindictive desert gods to our ignorant past and be free human beings living a scientific and rational present.

    • Faiez
      Posted 23rd August 2010 12:11 pm 0Likes

      In the name of ALLAH the most merciful the most benevolent
      Dear Angela

      In case you do not know, the cradle of civilization and the reason you have a modern world is due to the revelation of divine scripture. When man applies his own laws we go back to a barbaric way of life, the rich and powerful conquering the weak and poor (Capitalism) We have exploitation and if i were to give you all your human rights it would not amount to an iota of human dignity. Rights and dignity according to one person may not be same for the next and leaves the door wide open for the kind of exploitation that is widespread today. How many times have you been exploitated by boyfriends, cosmetic houses, fashion and society at large that demand that act in a certain way?

      Please free yourself by accepting that you are a human being that has freedom to learn about yourself, your creator and the way in which you were created. The purpose of your creation (to develop as a human being) and how to be the best possible person you could be. While many are searching and denying, many muslims has achieved more than any ever could.




  • Joan Cross
    Posted 10th July 2010 10:39 am 0Likes

    Faiez, you fail to mention that sharia law specifically denies women equal human rights with men. Sharia law makes it harder for women to divorce than men, gives husbands authority over wives, and gives women’s testimony in court less weight than that of men’s, denies women the same freedom of movement and independence as men. You cannot justify this sort of discrimination and oppression in the modern world. Secular societies are precious because they prevent this sort of oppression and bias being carried out legally. And by the way, what qualifies you to make the comments you did about aetheists? I know plenty of aetheists and agnostics, and they have values that are far superior to many of the beliefs and values expressed in sharia laws and other religious dogmas. Aetheists, agnostics and humanists seldom hold the discriminatory and restrictive beliefs about women that you support.

    • Faiez Evans
      Posted 23rd August 2010 10:28 am 0Likes

      Why would you want me to treat you like a man when you clearly a woman, feminine, elegant, undeniably of greater status than a man, ALLAH has elevated you, why would you want anything less than to be treated as a wife, a mother and a sister? Why should I exploit your weaknesses as I would a man (worker, manager and boss) or your desires or your needs? ALLAH has given us the guidelines to treat women as women. Women are more than a man’s equal in the eyes of ALLAH. Please Read he Quran for more clarity, an entire chapter is dedicated to women in SURA NISAA (CHAPTER OF WOMEN) Only women are given an entire chapter and only a woman is named after another chapter SURA MARYAM (VERSE OF MARY)

      YOU HAVE BEN MISINFORMED about Islam and the treatment of women, please do not look at Pakistanis or the ARABS these are cultural groups that cannot keep women from praying just as the men do at the holiest place on earth, The KA”ABA. Men and women are allowed to worship freely in Makkah alongside one another, with no segregation.



  • Faiez Evans
    Posted 23rd August 2010 10:13 am 0Likes

    In The name of ALLAH the most merciful, the most benevolent
    All praise is due to ALLAH the lord of the entire creation.

    I have taken the time to read all your comments and they seem to be nothing but fear and loathing, not a single comment is rational, logical or unbiased.

    I am appealing to you to your ability that has ALLAH has granted you over all of the other creation, the ability to reason, to see the difference between right and wrong.

    What you saying is not without merit and there are bad muslims out there, but they are in the vast minority, 1,8 billion muslims are not killing, abusing and acting according to their own whims and fancies. Indonesia has the highest number of Muslims and is living fairly peacefully, so is Malaysia, russia has 23 million Muslims, many European countries have huge Islamic populations that and if they were to take up arms against non-muslims there would be no question as to what would happen, but the fact of the matter is they are peaceful and go about their business.

    You are trying to impose your ideas and beliefs onto Muslims, Speak to the millions of people all over the world that has converted to islam and ask them what they have experienced.

    The women are not helpless creatures that need your intervention, many cultures has resorted to the full exploitation of women, (non-muslims), where women are stripped of their basic dignity and millions become a means of pleasure for million others (prostituted) via the media, movies, fashion etc and many end up raped (date rape, sleeping with multiple partners to gain wealth, fame and recognition in society) and it is widely acceptable. On the other extreme the culture imposes harsh restrictions on the women, like in ndia and it does not matter whether they are Hindu or Mulsim, the treatment is as harsh, its not religous, its cultural. Please read the Quran for clarity, ALLAh has given the women much higher status than any culture or society ever has. ALLAH has granted her a greater dgree of nobility and honour. A man came the Prophet Muhammed, may ALLAh bestow peace and blessings on him, and ask whom he should honor after ALLAH and the Prophet of ALLAh, and the prophet replied, “your mother”, who else he asked,” your mother” was the reply, who else was asked again and the reply, your mother, and who else he asked, and the prophet replied, “your father”
    Ever watch what has happened in a free liberal society, how the children treat there mothers even in public?

    I am appealing to your good sense to please read the teachings of Islam before you make comments about the way of life that is responsible for your modern comforts.

    The contribution of the Islamic scholars to the entire mankind is unparalleled in our history. please watch the Empires of faith and get a HBO view of Islam through the eyes of American historians and then please try to read the Quran, i can see by the comments you have made that you speak from a point of ignorance.

    I live a multicultural society and we (Muslim, Jews, Christians and others) have live side by side through a dark and good period respecting each other and learning and benefitting from one another for the past 300 years.

    From my reading and research of the religions of the world, I have seen over and over again that the conquests of Islam and the establishment of Sharia Law based on faith (EMAAN-true belief in ALLAH) has led to setting the right atmosphere for the greatest human achievement and abandoning of the (emaan) and only keeping the law has led to the destruction of entire countries.


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