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Canada – Sharia and Women’s Rights



March 14, 7:30pm, Toronto

25 Cecil Street, United Steelworkers’ Hall

Panel discussion on Political Islam, Sharia and Women’s Rights with Maryam Namazie (Spokesperson of Equal Rights Now, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and One Law for All Campaign against Sharia Law in Britain), Tarek Fatah (Founder of Muslim Canadian Congress and Author of “Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State,” Khayal Ibrahim (Women’s Liberation in Iraq), Justin Trottier (Executive Director of Center for Inquiry, Ontario) and Issam Shukri (Head of the Organization for the Defense of Secularism and Civil Rights in Iraq).

Entry: $5

For more information: 1-416-471-7138;

March 16th 7:00-9:00 pm, Toronto

Centre for Inquiry, 216 Beverley St

Freedom of Expression and Political Islam, a presentation by Maryam Namazie

For more information:

$8 regular, $4 students, FREE for CFI Friends of the Centre


March 20, 6:00pm, Vancouver

Student Union Building, Room 214 at UBC

Campus, West Point Grey, Vancouver, near the Bus Loop

Maryam Namazie’s presentation on Political Islam, Sharia and Women’s Rights

Organised by UBC Students for Equality and Freedom In Middle East


March 24, 2009

7:00 to 10:00, UVIC

Lecture Hall at Bob Wright Building

Free entry; donations welcome

Maryam Namazie’s presentation on Political Islam, Sharia and Women’s Rights

For more information: 1-250-380-1319;

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  • barry
    Posted 29th October 2009 3:11 am 0Likes

    people in the west advocating sharia law should loose their citizenship here, since that is disloyal. in the case of noncitizens demonstrating here for this slave cult, i say deport them immediately.
    we don’t need them , there are plenty of prospective immigrants who want in BECAUSE of our freedoms, not just for material gain.
    if believers in individual rights don’t exercise their vote against sharia law, our descendants will be slaves with no vote.

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