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  • kope
    Posted 24th October 2009 10:58 am 0Likes

    what is the subject islam?


    read how islam will win the
    clash of civilization.

    • Elmer Zeuner
      Posted 24th December 2009 3:05 pm 0Likes

      Madame,I couldn’t help but notice your anti Jewish tone, as if there were something wrong with being Jewish. We in the West are not ashamed of our right to free speech and free expression.

      The end of the 18th and the beginning of the 20th centuries opened a public challenge to religious dogma. The western mind turned to science for answers and away for dogma.

      I lived in the Islamic holy land of Saudi Arabia. I can tell you I was surprised at the homosexuality of Saudi and Islamic men in general. Looking at the culture from an objective view point this makes perfect sense.

      The access to females is limited to family members -(who are not uncommonly abused anally)- by brothers and uncles. The first sexual experience for a large number of Muslim men is another man. This is especially true for those without the means to travel to Egypt, Morocco, Dubai or Lebanon to buy poor Muslim female prostitutes.

      My Philippino barber (male) returned home because he was tired of the sexual harassment by Saudi men. Yes we have problems in the West but our secular culture if far superior to any religious dogma dominated culture.

      In Saudi Arabia my wife had to wear an abaya – you should adapt to western culture now that you’re living in the West. Nowhere in the Islam world do you have the freedoms and rights that exist in the West. Let me repeat NOWHERE!

      With the advances of science we have discovered that through investigation of evolution not religious scripture that all humans are of the same species in spite of skin color, and what part of the world we come from. Science has destroyed past prejudices that were promoted by religious dogma.

      I recommend that you turn away from ancient mythologies and look at the hard data. Oh and by the way I have nothing against homosexuality, that has be proven to be common throughout many animal species.

      Open your eyes you are in Paradise. Do you really want to return home?


      Elmer C. Zeuner

      • Sam
        Posted 7th January 2010 1:35 pm 0Likes

        Dear Elmer,
        Yes. It is worng to Jewish. So as being Muslim or Christian – or any religion for that matter.

    • bebola
      Posted 17th June 2010 8:58 am 0Likes

      Miss you are correct but you forget one thing………what is evil or terrible about a woman’s breast? We all come into this world naked as do all of God’s creatures……why are we embarressed with such a beautiful creation.
      Man made all these insane laws and rules, now look what they have come to.
      This bull about a man going beserk because he sees a woman without being completely covered is a myth. If muslims were allowed to see and interact with muslim women as equals there wouls be no such problems.

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