Events and Acts of Solidarity on 11 February: Day of Action for Free Expression

Events and Acts of Solidarity on 11 February: Day of Action for Free Expression

Below are some of the events and actions that took place outside of London on 11 February Day of Action for Free Expression.

You can report back on your event below.


Defend Free Expression and the Right to Criticise Religion with us at Ghurkas, 167 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy and donate 10% of the cost of your meal to support One Law for All.
We will honour the Melbourne suffragist Henrietta Dugdale (1827-1918) “Oh the asinine and insulting replies to my protests against the legal injustice to women …”
Organised by: Geraldine Robertson, Women’s Web – Women’s Stories, Women’s Actions


The Secular Humanist League of Brazil will issue a statement in support of 11 February.
Organised by: Eli Vieira Araujo Júnior


Meeting on blasphemy. Details to follow.
Organised by: Annie Sugier

WICUR (Women’s Initiative for Citizenship and Universal Rights) will mark the day by launching a petition denouncing the discrimination faced by women due to the application in France, of unequal laws in countries of origin.
Organised by: Laila Ducos


Details to follow.
Organised by: Ebou Sohna


Köln Domplatte
Hours: 17:00-19:00 hours
Organised by: Mina Ahadi

Act organised by Lebanese Atheists United for a Better World
Facebook page


The European Feminist Initiative, the Polish Rationalist Association, the Polish Atheist Association and the Left Feminist Network are organizing a rally in Warsaw at the Polish Parliament to support the One Law for All rally in London
Organised by: Nina Sankari
There may be support pickets in Wrocław and Gdańsk.


Details to follow.
Organised by: Ana Coelho

South Africa

Details to follow.
Organised by: Fiona Flynn


Organised by: Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani

United States

Ronald A. Lindsay, President and Chief Executive Officer, Center for Inquiry is delivering a speech on secularism on February 11, and will discuss the importance of this event during his talk.

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