DV8 physical theatre: Can we talk about this?

Lloyd Newson’s latest work, Can We Talk About This? deals with freedom of speech, censorship and Islam. The production premiered in August 2011 at Sydney Opera House, and premiers at the National Theatre in London from 9-28 March 2012. For tickets, click here.

From the 1989 book burnings of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, to the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh and the controversy of the ‘Muhammad cartoons’ in 2005, DV8’s production will examine how these events have reflected and influenced multicultural policies, press freedom and artistic censorship.

In the follow up to the critically acclaimed To Be Straight With You, this documentary-style dance-theatre production is based on interviews, thoughts and speeches of individuals such as Maryam Namazie, the director of ‘One Law for All,’ which fights for the rights of women, and against Sharia courts and Sharia law being introduced in Britain.

For more information, visit here.

For dates and tickets, visit here.

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  1. Yogi Hemant Panchpor alias Aadeshnath March 1, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    There has to be one law for all in all civilized nation on the earth. If muslim nations are opposing the notion, they may stick to sheria law. In fact, “No Muslim policy” in civilized nations combined with ‘tit for tat’ policy for muslim nations can only save the world at present.

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