27 September 2011, Danish Atheist Society, Copenhagen, Denmark

Maryam Namazie will be speaking at a meeting organised by the Danish Atheist Society on 27 September 2011 at 7pm at Designmuseum. Address: Bredgade 68
1260 København.

She will be speaking about the discriminatory nature of Sharia law courts in Europe, the need to oppose Sharia law within the context of a fight against the far-Right and multi-culturalism, and the historical task and duty to defend universal rights, citizenship and secularism.

More information available in the Atheist Society’s press release.

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  1. Ravi Ranjan Singh @Panth Bharti August 30, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Ravi Ranjan Singh @Panth Bharti
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    Posted August 29, 2011 at 5:26 PM

    Atheism is at war with Theism since times immemorial.
    Theism had many weapons including pre-convinced masses and pre-motivated leaders, strong communities, traditions, States, forces and Powers. Atheism had only one weapon logic.
    However, from the prospective of the East, it is wrong to assume that Atheism and Religion were at war, not Religion, but Establishment specifically Politico-Religious Establishment was at war.
    As the dividing line between Atheism and Theism is conclusive and absolute at one point, blur at another point, invisible at some point, irrelevant if not nonexistent; but it’s always invented re-inveted and ever changing. It depends on many denominators and Factors, like the definition of God.
    Many Hindu Panths/believes of monotheism and Sikhism may be atheism from many Hindu Dharam Panths of pagan, idolatrous orientation. While most Monotheist Panths are believers, in their own eyes and their own right and so are these Monotheist Panths Theist by definition of many Non-Hindus, Most Atheist and various Hindu idolatrous sects.
    It is difficult for Non-Hindus and non- Bhartiyas to comprehend this because of many reasons, as they link Religion and Dharma. There is no syndicated Dharma or Panth outside Bharat, and no Religion in Bharat. So every Hindu is Kafir or Heathen and hence Atheist by Radical Church or Islamic standards and vice-versa from Hindu or Panths of Bharat point of view.
    Many Panths are officially Atheists by its charter and working. There are Atheist Hindus. There are Hindus who are polytheist and believe in Billions of Independent gods.
    Atheist Religions* among Hindus must be studied by Atheist of West.

    1. Dharama Means Righteous duty, one follows many Dharmas at any given time and stops following some of them and adopt new ones, while not diverting from its Panth, Sect, Community etc.
    2. Panth means Path to follow Dharama especially spiritual pious, part of It, often in standard Ritual or sect form.
    3. Bharat Means erstwhile India, a geo-social, land with indigenous cultural, ideological establishment inhabited in modern day Afghan-Pak, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.
    Word Religion is used to make it simple for non-Hindus, appropriate word is Panth.

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