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Celebrating Woman, Life, Freedom Revolution in Iran for IWD

25 February 2024, 12:00-6:00PM, Cockpit Theatre
In the run-up to International Women’s Day 2024, One Law For All pay homage to and celebrate ‘the Woman, Life, Freedom’ revolution in Iran. Programme in Persian with brief English translation. GET TICKETS HERE. Discount Code for half-price tickets: WLF.

Join an inspiring afternoon of discussion, music, poetry and theatre, including:

Panel discussion with Filmmaker Mahshad Afshar, former Political Prisoner Mersedeh Ghaedi, Campaigner Maryam Namazie and Activist Atieh Niknafas

Music by Kurdish Alevi Singer Suna Alan

Protest Action by Artist Victoria Gugenheim

Poetry by Poet in Exile Ziba Karbassi

Film by Mahshad Afshar

Journey to Starland by Playwright Soheila Ghodstinat. 5 women (3 actresses and 2 musicians) come together to tell the story of a woman and her many struggles to find her place in the world. In a captivating story-telling experience, the voice of one woman becomes the voice of all women. In addition to an outstanding cast, namely Mahsa Bozorgomid, Sara Fotros, Tara Jaff, Leilie Mohseni and Laleh Moosavi, this play also features the amazing vocalist Shokufeh Farazmand.

Post-theatre discussion with the Playwright and Performers

For more information: contact Maryam Namazie,

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