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Protest dance against executions in Iran

One Law for All organised a protest dance against #executions and in solidarity with the #womensrevolution in #Iran on Saturday 17 December at Piccadilly Circus.

Protestors, with nooses around their necks danced to Shelley Segal cover of Baraye in English. Shervin Hajipour’s Baraye has become the anthem of the revolution. The dance was led by Faranak Heidari and Freny Pavri.

Protestors had with them photos of those executed or at risk of execution for demanding freedom and an end to theocracy since the murder of #mahsaamini on 16 September.

Speakers at the action included Filmmaker Mahshad Afshar, Comedian and Women’s Rights Activist Kate Smurthwaite, One Law for All Spokesperson Maryam Namazie, Body Artist Victoria Gugenheim and Faithless Hijabi Founder Zara Kay. The Woman, Life, Freedom group performed protest songs at the action too.

Photos at Imago Images.

Photos at Zuma Press.

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Videos at Getty Images.

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Upcoming protests include handing in women’s hair collected during #Hair4Freedom to 10 Downing Street and throwing hair at Islamic regime of Iran’s embassy in January. on 1 February, we will be organising Body Riot as a challenge to World Hijab Day.

For more information on upcoming protests, contact Maryam Namazie,, 07719166731 or visit

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