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International Women’s Day homage to ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ and the women’s revolution in Iran

The Royal College of Physicians in London was the scene of a stunning International Women’s Day, 8 March, evening in homage to the ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ Revolution in Iran. Photos of the event can be seen here.

Maryam Namazie, the event organiser and One Law for All Spokesperson says: ‘On International Women’s Day, will pay homage to the women’s revolution unfolding in Iran. We must continue to defend ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ for the people of Iran, Afghanistan and across the globe. This revolution will herald a new dawn if only we support it, encourage it, and defend it. Imagine what the world will look like when the Islamic regime of Iran is overthrown by a woman’s revolution.’

Sponsored by One Law for All and Woman, Life, Freedom Charter, the programme included:

An opening address by One Law for All Spokesperson Maryam Namazie and one-minute riot for the fallen and those resisting in Iran and Afghanistan

‘I am Woman’ by Musician Nehanda

Poem ‘For Mahsa’ by One Law for All Resident Artist Victoria Gugenheim

Poem ‘Anger’ by Poet Gurjot Dhaliwal

‘Black is the Colour’ by Sound Artist Fari Bradley

Premiere of Film: White Noise (17 min) Directed by Filmmaker Mahshad Afshar

English Q&A on Woman’s Revolution in Iran with Chair of Organisation for Women’s Liberation Azar Majedi, Actress and Activist Elika Ashoori, Executive Director of the Middle Eastern Women & Society Organisation Halaleh Taheri, Filmmaker Mahshad Afshar and Faithless Hijabi Founder Zara Kay.

Music by Kurdish/Alevi Singer Suna Alan accompanied by Erdal YapicHi

Persian Q&A with Baluchi Rights Activist Fariba Baluch and Former Political Prisoner and Justice and Accountability Activist Mersedeh Ghaedi

Poetry For Jhina and Hasti Hossein Panahi by leading Poet in Exile Ziba Karbassi

Lalayee for children killed in recent protests with Activist Faranak Heidari, Vocals, Actress and Musician Freny Pavri and Violinist Monica Vinoly – Violin

Poem ‘Rubaiyat of Rojava’ by Southall Black Sisters Management Committee and Poet Rahila Gupta

Faranak Heidari of Woman, Life, Freedom Group dances to Baraye

Protest Music by Woman, Life, Freedom Group

Premiere of #TheyWillBreath by Activist Victoria Gugenheim

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