Message from Spokesperson Anne Marie Waters

On 17 January 2011, I was due to give a talk on sharia at the University of London on behalf of One Law for All. The talk was on ‘Sharia and Human Rights’. If I had been able to go ahead with my talk, I would have said that sharia law tramples on the rights of women and denies them the right to divorce, child custody or even personal safety by allowing domestic violence as a ‘right’ of husbands. I would also have said how sharia poses a threat to children – it gives custody of children to men from a preset age regardless of the circumstances, and regardless of the behaviour of their father. I would have shown how sharia allows men to rape their wives and how all of these abuses are acknowledged by the sharia tribunals and councils operating in this country with the craven capitulation of our Government.

I would have described sharia’s criminal code – enforced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and other places – where women are imprisoned for being raped, homosexuals are hanged in public squares, and small children are ‘married’ in to lives of sexual and domestic slavery. I would also have mentioned how sharia amputates the limbs of thieves and buries people to their chest while a group of big brave men throw stones at their head until they die.

I would also have said that sharia law imposes the death penalty on anyone who dares to criticise Islam – and as if to prove my case for me, in came a man with his camera. He filmed the audience and told them he would hunt them down if they insulted the prophet. He then left, threatening a few more people on his way out.

Our talk was cancelled (notes will be made available by the organisers Atheism, Secularism and Humanism Society at Queen Mary, University London in the next few days) and the police were called.

No doubt, the little coward thinks he has won. However, rest assured that plans are already being made for another talk – only this time with a much larger audience. Thanks to this publicity, our message will reach greater numbers and our campaign will grow and gain in momentum. When people hear the truth about sharia law, we have no doubt they will give us their support.

So whoever you are, thank you for your help in promoting our campaign!